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" Sit down on the couch, Cas. Iīll find you some clothes, okay?"

I simply nodded and he disappeared upstairs.

I was sitting on the couch in his living room when I saw an only photograph placed on the fireplace. I tilted my head and curiously stared at it for a few minutes before I stood up and walked over to it.

There was an older looking man sitting in some kind of a chair with wheels? I found that interesting. Behind him stood a young, blond haired girl and next to her another woman. They looked similar so I assumed they were mother and daughter.

My eyes moved to its next person on the photograph and I saw Dean. He looked worried as the others. Why?

Finally the last two men were a tall man and me. The taller man had one of his arms put around my shoulders.

But my face was looking worried too.

Dean was standing at the halfway watching the ex-angel as he looked at the last and the only photo of them together. Dean sighed. The man probably didnīt even remember being an angel in the first place. No matter, he didnīt need to.

"Hey, Cas. Come with me, please."

I turned my head after the sound of my name and I was met with a green gaze from the door leading to the living room.

"Dean..." I simply tilted my head.

Dean smiled.

"Iīll tell you everything soon, donīt worry. But first of all you must be tired so I should show you your bedroom."

"All right. Where is it?" I asked.

"Upstairs, now come on."

I was looking down and clutching a black T-shirt in my hands as Dean was preparing the bed which should be mine from now on.

I was a bit sad that I couldnīt remember anything except one thing. I...

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted as I felt fingers brush the skin of my right cheek. I looked up at Dean and I noticed that his face was slowly getting closer to mine and I could feel his warm breath on my lips.

But in the last moment he hesitated and stepped back.

"Sorry, I shouldnīt," he told me.


"Hm, Cas?" Dean weakly smiled at me and I caught him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him down as I kissed him.

It felt only right.

Deanīs surprise was quickly withdraw away as I sighed contently into the kiss. He started kissing back the second our lips touched.

Dean deepened our kiss and he was gently biting at my lower lip before running his tongue over the pink, beautiful, soft lips, as he told me later.

I couldnīt help but quietly moan and it didnīt last for long before I parted my lips to let Dean inside. The hunter was slowly exploring, touching and tasting inside of my mouth.
Dean sucked on my tongue and I suddenly gasped. After a while we parted from each other panting heavily looking at each other with our foreheads pressed together.

"I love you," I suddenly murmured and I was afraid that Dean would push me away but he smiled at me.

"Iīve missed you, Cas," Dean spun me around and I, being pushed by the unexpected force, hit the bed first. Dean crawled on top of me and started to kiss every bit of skin on my neck.

He breathed out, "you have such a beautiful skin, Cas. It's so unbelievably soft.. I just wanna mark every inch of you."

I couldnīt suppress a moan and I kissed the top of Deanīs head. The hunter stopped kissing my neck and curiously looked up into my eyes. At that moment I raised my head and pressed my lips to his.

"And damn, do you learn fast."

Now it was Deanīs turn to moan and meanwhile his hands started to travel across my chest but I had to interrupt him.

"D..Dean, Dean, wait. Please," I tried to catch my breath between the kisses and Dean pulled back.

"Did I do something wrong? Doesnīt he like it? Fuck, maybe I scared him? Nice job, Winchester. The guy loses his memory and this is the first thing you do. Shit..."

I could sense Deanīs anxious thoughts so I spoke up again.

"Dean, itīs just... ah, just this bed is... is too small, please?" I blushed and innocently smiled at the man hovering above me.

The hunter laughed and really, even he had to admit this bed was too small for two grown men. Dean lowered down and I could feel his lips on my ear and he whispered.

"Put your legs around my waist."

Before I could ask why, I felt again wet, sloppy kisses on my neck.
"Mine," Dean sighed. I could feel as he was gently biting my skin. I didnīt understand it because I belonged only to him. I knew that.

I moaned and the sound was so low even I could feel as it sent a shiver down the hunterīs spine.

He growled and bit the skin harder. I whimpered at the last rough bite and then it has been just Dean using his lips to soothe the skin.

I was melting in the pleasure because I never thought I would experience something like this. When I moved my hips the hunter seemed to notice that I was practically clutching at him with my legs and hands around his waist and neck. I heard as Dean chuckled. Well, I have figured it out.

The hunter straightened up and proceeded to stand up from the bed with me in his arms. His hands were under my butt so I wouldnīt fall down and I had a feeling he enjoyed to carry me around. I enjoyed it very much but I would not admit that. But he nearly did drop me when I started kissing his neck.

Dean kicked the door open to his bedroom.
2nd chapter

Iīm sorry but I was struggling with POVīs for the last hour-two hours? IDK

Anyway I want to thank :iconlemonlollipop: for the help with POVīs and grammar and everything :hug:
Also this chapter and even maybe the whole story is dedicated for her even she doesnīt like this pairing. Well, dear you have my thanks :iconkittyglompplz:

Oh and guys Iīm sorry for every mistake and everything. Itīs my first pre-smut so please, be nice :meow:
Thank you.
Enjoy da love.

Characters nor SPN is mine. Story inspired by [link]
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